Meditation on Day 366

Self Portrait With Calendar, Paper Cutout, Phillip Schwartz


When I started writing daily meditations I decided to blog them, in part to share them, but also to give myself a tangible goal which I had to meet. I thought that I’d do this for a year and then decide whether to continue going, or to stop. I’ve come to realize that it takes a lot of time for me to write and make a piece of art to go with each meditation. It’s been a wonderful discipline for me, but it’s also been a huge surprise that people actually read them, and for that I’m truly grateful. When I began I thought of the blog as sort of sending radio communications out into space, not knowing if anyone would pick up the signal. I’ve gotten some wonderful feedback and some incredible messages of support which have really helped me to continue at those times when I’ve felt too tired or uninspired to write. I’ve learned that when I read scripture there are times when I’m not sure on what I’m meant to focus. Those are the times that I’ve read and reread the day’s passages countless times until finally I give up and I just ask God to help me figure it out. I know that there are days that my writing is better than others and I apologize for any sub par meditations that I’ve put out there or will put out in the future. I reached my three-hundred-sixty-fifth meditation yesterday, and so I’m going to make a change. I am going to switch from a daily meditation to a weekly meditation, which I’m hoping will give me more time to work on my other artistic pursuits, which have suffered over the past year due to my spending so much time on the blog. When I began the blog I was feeling uninspired and blocked artistically, which is another part of the reason I started blogging. Today I’m feeling renewed and disciplined enough to get myself back to my painting and iconography. I’ve fallen in love with paper cutouts as an art form and I’ll continue to make them to illustrate my future meditations.

Phillip Schwartz


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