Meditation on Psalm 102

Self Portrait in Green, Paper Cutout, Phillip Schwartz



My heart is smitten like grass and withered, so that I forget to eat my bread.


What can one do but feel anger, frustration and sadness in the face of an avoidable tragedy? Our lawmakers have the will to protect the right to bear semi automatic weapons, but they don’t have the will to ensure access to healthcare if we are shot. It appears that their belief in the right to life extends only to fetuses, once we are born we’re on our own.

Phillip Schwartz


One thought on “Meditation on Psalm 102

  1. I so agree with that! Our alt-right brethren and their “Evangelical Christian” cohorts only believe in the right to be born not in the right to a life of dignity. Their idea is fostered by the belief that women are “bad” dating back to Eve. It is also tied to the idea because of Adam and Eve to original sin. I so disagree with this view. I just want to see a world where everyone has a “place at the table” and all are respected and cared for simply because they are fellow human beings. I know that may sound simplistic but I know it is possible. At least more possible and more humane than going back to the way our elected officials are trying to take us.


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