Meditation on Psalm 25

Paper Cutout, Phillip Schwartz


Look upon my enemies, for they are many, and they bear a violent hatred against me.

For LGBTQI people the world over, the sad reality is that we do have enemies that bear a violent hatred against us. In The US we are luckier than in many places, but there has been a significant increase in attacks against LGBTQI people over the past year. In Chechnya gay men have been rounded up, beaten, tortured and killed. In some other Islamic countries consensual, same sex relations are a capital offense and people thought to be gay are executed regularly. Isis proudly and routinely kills gay men, often by throwing them off of the roofs of buildings and then stoning their bodies. This week the United States voted against a resolution condemning the use of capital punishment for homosexuality at the UN. The State Department stands by the vote, claiming that it was too broad a resolution to endorse, because the US uses the death penalty at both federal and state levels.

Phillip Schwartz



One thought on “Meditation on Psalm 25

  1. It makes me very sad but also angry that the country I live in uses such a lame excuse (horse pucky) to excuse an horrific action. This in essence gives those places that commit these atrocities against LGBTQ people a “green light” to continue in this path. If the US were to at least condemn these acts as the atrocities they are, maybe attached to some sanctions they would at least not be so blatant and regularly carried out.

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