Meditation on Psalm 18

The Wave, Paper Cutout, Phillip Schwartz


The breakers of death rolled over me, and the torrents of oblivion made me afraid.


My friend Robert who lived with AIDS for many years, responded to my telling him how much I admired him for how hard he fought to stay alive by saying, “I don’t fight at all. I let everything wash over me like a wave, and when it’s passed I go back to my life.” As far as I know Robert never feared death or oblivion. His calm courage throughout his illness was inspiring; it was Robert who comforted his friends and family, rather than the other way around. The thirteenth anniversary of his death is approaching and upon reading this verse I mused that had Robert known the psalmist, this verse would not have been about fear.

Phillip Schwartz




One thought on “Meditation on Psalm 18

  1. I wish you had written more. Your words are illuminating, but did not satisfy my thirst for knowledge about this Psalm.

    Maybe another time.


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